WorkFlowy: Notebook Paper – In Your Internet Browser!

Today, I came across an amazing new web application called WorkFlowy. It is like having a never ending sheet of paper on your computer. For me, that is priceless. Let me tell you why. As a designer/developer, I am always on the lookout for a great way to keep up with my project tasks more efficiently. I’ve gotten into a nice habit of keeping lists in a designated notebook, but as a perfectionist, I tend to spend more time on the lists than the projects LOL! When I run out of room in the space I left under a bullet point for notes, I write out a completely new task list.

I have to keep track of hex codes for each color and all font names I use in a project, login credentials, hyperlinks to sites my clients request that I draw inspiration for their design from, and of course all of the necessary steps I have to take to complete the processes required for each specific project. That’s a lot to keep track of — and when I’m hopping back and forth between 8+ projects (which is typically the case), I need a simple way to know where I left off when I come back to complete a task!

I’ve tried using Microsoft OneNote but it’s far too feature rich and I don’t want to have to run an entire program just to access a list. My browser is always open, so the fact that WorkFlowy runs on the web is awesome. It’s simple, yet powerful and helps keep me organized — I can scratch through completed items to keep track of what I’ve done and what’s left to do, expand and collapse items depending on what I need to see at the moment, and it’s all laid out on an interface that is no different than your common text editor. One word: SCORE!!!

Some features I would love to see added to WorkFlowy:

  • Print capability for those days when I’m working at the park without WiFi available — that way I won’t have to write out client preferences and other specifications for graphics or coding I’m working on before I leave!
  • Export to text file function (or at least viewable in formatted text so that it’s copy/paste-able) because I like being able to have a local copy of everything!
  • Multiple list management, in case I don’t want everything in one list.
  • Embeddable lists so I can make certain lists viewable in my design site sidebar, or perhaps even on password-protected pages of my design site so that each of my clients are able to access lists pertinent to their projects.
  • Ability to duplicate bullets (would be great to have a “duplicate” command in the options box where currently you can add a note, complete a tast, or delete the selection) because many of the tasks I perform aren’t project-specific meaning that the same tasks have to be carried out for every project of a certain type; that would keep me from having to keep typing the same thing over and over or being forced to highlight, copy, and paste. Yep, clicking one button to make the same task appear again so that I can drag it where I need it to go would be perfect :)

With those features, WorkFlowy would go from awesome to awesome-r. Even as it stands now, I’m in love.

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  • It seems like you are an early adopter.

    I hate hyperbole, but Workflowy was a great leap forward for organizing my chaotic life and brain.

    Do you still use it?

  • I do still use WorkFlowy here and there — mainly for brainstorming. I use ToDoist for maintaining task lists :)

  • Kat,
    Check it out again – they now embed, allow duplication, and the export is almost a real export – it’s a copy paste that keep formatting.

    Plus… you can embed OTHER people’s workflowys in yours – great for collab. I use workflowy for client meetings with – awesome combo.


  • I stumbled upon this page.
    Looks like Workflowy ticked almost all of your points.

    I to use workflowy and todoist. Todoist has great availability and ease of adding tasks as and when needed.

    But nothing beats workflowy for punching out lists, random thoughts, and even fleshing out articles and blogs.

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