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Website Assessment Reports: Based on the results of our monitoring, we will provide recommendation on improvements you can make to keep your website’s speed and load optimal. Your personalized assessment will also include a detailed report of all maintenance, security, and monitoring work performed. This is optional and available upon request.

Security is a major concern for everyone with a website. Outdated scripts create vulnerabilities that can allow malicious access to your account. Our WordPress maintenance package includes automatic weekly updating of all of plugins, themes, and the platform itself.

This service also includes support for any conflicts that arise during or as a result of your scheduled updates! For clients hosted by other providers, one package includes one WordPress installation. For our hosting clients, one package covers up to four (4) installations per cPanel.

  1. Updates: Available developer updates to the WordPress platform as well as all installed themes and plugins are processed weekly.
  2. Database Optimization: Similar to defragmenting your computer’s hard drive, this helps your data to be processed more efficiently for smoother operation and faster load times.
  3. Spam Comment Deletion: If you currently do not have spam detection installed, we will activate it for you at no additional cost.
  4. Post Revision Removal: Excessive post revisions take up valuable server space. You will always be able to revert back to the previous three versions of all your articles. All older revisions will be removed.

NOTE: If your website has premium themes and/or plugins installed which do not allow automatic updating or require manual updating to maintain customizations, there will be a surcharge assessed for manual updates. You will be notified prior to performing these tasks for billing approval.

Prices will vary depending on site specifications and options selected. Complete the Quote Request form for more information.

Optional service add-ons:

  • Offsite Cloud Backups: We will back up your website’s files and databases on either a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, depending on your needs. Real-time backups are also available.
  • Uptime Monitoring: We will maintain a log of your website’s offline status so that you know you are getting the hosting reliability and uptime you expect.
  • Security Check: We perform a daily scan of all website files to ensure your account has not been hacked. This also includes a vulnerability check to detect weak points in your website security that can be resolved in order to prevent a hack from occurring.
  • Website Performance Check: We run a weekly analysis to determine an overall grade of website performance and of individual factors.


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