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Why eDP?

Our company was founded on a very basic principle: Business should be conducted on a personal level with a professional approach. Clients should be not only our livelihood, but also our inspiration. Services should be performed ethically, thoroughly, and in a manner that reflects pride and appreciation for the level of trust placed in us. In keeping with that idea, our hosting service is second to none.


With a wide range of platform support, automatic back ups, and WordPress maintenance, your accounts — and peace of mind — are always secure! The integrity of our server and the security of your account are our utmost priority. Enjoy security patches and personal customer care to keep your website running with the highest level of performance, speed, and uptime available!

Client Portal

All of your records are up to date and organized in our online system. Print itemized invoices, receipts, and statements right there from your dashboard to make tracking your services, payments, and expenses simple. From the same portal, you can view, submit, and manage support tickets as well as receive project estimates, issue disputes, and download copies of your records in pdf format!


Our packages vary in many ways, but there are several features that come standard with every plan:

  • Fully managed: Your hosting account is constantly monitored and managed to perform optimally on our servers
  • WordPress platform support: We specialize in WordPress hosting and as such, we ensure that your platform, plugins, and themes are up to date and that your site files and databases are backed up daily.
  • Customer support: Confused? Broke something? Need a little assistance? Our knowledgable and experienced team are here to get you through the bad times quickly so that you can enjoy … whatever it is that you do.
  • Google Apps integration: Are you accustomed to Gmail and the suite of web applications Google offers? We will integrate those with your domain so that you can use it to power Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, Contacts, Sites, and Chat as well as a host of other services like YouTube and Google Plus!
  • Dedicated IP & SSL Certificates: Available on most hosting plans — the top tiers enjoy these features at no additional cost!
  • Affliate program: Refer your friends and family and earn bonus cash payouts!

eDesign-Pro is so much more than hosting which becomes an asset to YOU as we have the know-how to support you in every way possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a shared hosting company?

Technically, yes. You are on a server with several other websites, but we are not a typical/traditional shared hosting company nor do we offer typical/traditional shared hosting plans. Our clients are on very powerful dedicated servers which are never loaded with more websites than each server can support with half of its resources on average. This ensures that we are able to withstand peak surges without sacrificing performance or uptime.

How are you different from other web hosts?

Our company is independently owned and operated by an experienced WordPress and design expert, which means our clients receive support in one place for a vast array of services. Not only do we offer premium support and assistance packages but because we understand the ins and outs of the platforms that power your online presence, our team is able to quickly and efficiently detect and resolve issues often before they interfere with your service.

What are your server monitoring policies?

Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each of our servers have eight CPU available. Our monitoring systems check every 3 minutes to determine the current load average and immediately notify our admins when any of our servers are using 5 or more of the available CPU so that we are able to keep an eye on the behavior of running processes and prevent overload from occurring. Most hosting companies do not begin to resolve an issue until contacted by the client and informed that there are performance issues or downtime. Our admins begin working on issues long before our clients are aware and in turn often resolve issues without accounts experiencing any affects at all. To go a step further, when our clients DO experience connectivity or performance issues, they generally can immediately get information by visiting our Facebook page, which we post to as soon as problems arise and continue to update until resolution is finalized to keep everyone informed.

Do you have references?

Of course! Our testimonials are readily available and all of our prospective clients are more than welcome to request direct references as well.

 I had originally chosen Go Daddy as a host when I switched to WordPress. Within less than a month my site was hacked into — every file! Kat quickly stepped in and cleaned the entire site and switched me over to her server. I now do all my hosting through Kat and anytime I have a question or a problem she is quick to help!
Jennifer DaFonte- MomSpotted.com
 When I decided to make the leap from Blogger to WordPress, Kat was helpful and patient with all of my questions and worries. She transferred my blog over smoothly and kept me up to date along the way. I have been very pleased with the hosting she offers as well. My blog has yet to be hacked or have any problems (other than ones I’ve created by tinkering). Kat is always quick to answer emails and I would highly recommend her services and affordable hosting.
Henrietta Newman- AHensNest.com