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Alternatives to FeedBurner – We Can Help!

‚ÄčAs I mentioned before, the best thing to do is to encourage your readers to subscribe directly to your site RSS feed rather than going through a third party service. I always advise my clients to keep as much of your functionality being served from within your website as possible — it minimizes the chances that you’ll have to rework your way of doing things if/when those services stop being offered in the future, as is becoming the case with FeedBurner… and who wants to migrate to another service only to have to do it again later? We are offering all of these services to our clients and have packaged together three optional plans to fit each unique scenario and can help get you setup from start to finish!

Have You Seen the NEW Twitter Preview?

There’s nothing more exciting to a social media geek than the rollout of an amazing new platform for a service that is already established as a definite crowd favorite. I have to admit, when I saw all the hype about the “new” Twitter being implemented sitewide within the next few weeks, initially I was like, […]

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