WordPress Basics, Part 2: Getting Started

PLEASE NOTE: The current version of WordPress is 2.9.2. As newer versions are released, certain information provided here may possibly become outdated or irrelevant. For a new WordPress user, especially one who has recently made the switch from the Blogger platform, the unfamiliar layout and plethora of available options can be quite overwhelming. This WordPress […]

Is Working Online Killing Your Productivity?

One thing I’ve found over the last couple of years is that working online often kills my productivity. Being that social media is a large part of my business and my blog, it’s not difficult to get sidetracked reading tweets, checking out the news stream on Facebook, or monitoring keywords I’m tracking in Hootsuite. Before […]

WordPress Basics, Part 1: .com versus .org

I have been shocked over the last few weeks to learn that many people are intimidated by WordPress… I’ve always found it to be extremely user friendly, but then again – I’ve been using it for over 5 years now so when I began with my very first installation years ago, it was actually a […]

WordPress Comment Numbering

I know many bloggers who host giveaways and other things on their blogs which require them to find the number of specific comments on their posts. Many of the themes created for WordPress blogs don’t have this feature written into the code. As I helped a friend remedy this on her blog yesterday, I realized […]

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