How Do YOU Like the #NewTwitter?

For those who caught my article about the upcoming redesign and feature implementation known as the “New Twitter” … well, it’s here! I’ve been playing around with it and I have to admit, I will be much more apt to access Twitter through the new interface than I was the old. The layout is much […]

‘DROID: Ten FREE Must-Have Apps on the Android Market

First things first, if you don’t have an Android phone, get one. I have to say that even though I’d prefer NOT to have to sift through all the bloatware AT&T insists on installing (and refusing to allow the end user to uninstall) I still can’t see myself owning a non-Android phone now that I […]

Twitter Tools Connection Failure? Try Hootsuite!

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers with the Twitter Tools dilemma since Twitter changed their authorization method for third party connections. Now, your password can’t be stored in a third party application – it has to go through OAuth which has cause a lot of disarray in the blogging world for those who typically were […]

Have You Seen the NEW Twitter Preview?

There’s nothing more exciting to a social media geek than the rollout of an amazing new platform for a service that is already established as a definite crowd favorite. I have to admit, when I saw all the hype about the “new” Twitter being implemented sitewide within the next few weeks, initially I was like, […]

HOW TO: Fix the Custom File Editor’s Fatal Call Error in Thesis Theme on WordPress 3.0

If you have upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and use the Thesis theme, you may have noticed that now you receive a fatal call error when trying to access your custom.css file via the Custom File Editor within your Thesis options that looks something like this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function use_codepress() in /DIRECTORY/public_html/wp-content/themes/thesis_17/lib/admin/admin.php on […]

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